Random thoughts between my best friend and me

So, hello. This is like the first post I’ve had since Sunday.. oops. 🙂 But anyway, my best friend is over here, and she was just like “We should do a post between the two of us. Like, right now.” So, anyway, here it is. I’m in italics. 😛

Hello *bows* and how are you today? I am well in case you were wondering. Yeah, myname’s Scarlett.

This is totally random. 

My life is random…

*makes confused face for no reason*

I like making strange faces. I really enjoy it.

So, anyways…wdywtta [what do you want to talk about] ?



Imagine Dragons, One Republic, some Green Day, a little Lorde, bits of Led Zeppelin, and Fly Away by Lenny Kravits. I love that song… yeah.

…this is odd. Brain Stew by Green Day is a weird song.

I love Brain Stew! It’s a great song!

It’s weird. Monsters by Imagine Dragons is good though! “If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me?”

I don’t know if I’d turn my back. Our friendship runs deep into my soul eternally connecting us.


And what does that mean?

A weird face. Your specialty. >.<

You like the Lord of the Rings, yes?

*makes a “Scarlett-why-in-the-world-are-you-asking-that-question face* DUH

So do I. Who is your favorite?

FRODO. And Galadriel. But in the last movie I was equally between hugging Frodo and crying, and then slapping him for listening to Gollum. BUT POOR FRODO. He was so sad!

I love Gollum! He’s like My precious. He stoles it from us. That is a cool way to talk. But I like Legolas. Yep. He’s cool. And I like Tauriel from the Hobbit.

You can do the Gollum voice really well. You do not just “like” Legolas- you have an obsession with him. And Tauriel. It’s ood. *hehe because DOCTOR WHO PUNS*

I can’t count on two hands how much stuff you obsess over! Doctor Who, reading, writing, writing gifts (no, seriously, you were exploring the vast beyond of writing gifts on the internet this morning), Of  Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons, My Chemical Romance, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Viria the artist, Redwall, Big Hero 6, Kermit the Frog, etc. etc.

There are reasons for these:

Doctor Who: because it’s Fantastic! *sobs eternally because Nine is gone and so is Rose Tyler MEHHHHH*

Reading: I cannot live without books.

Writing: Bleeding at a typewriter is quite enjoyable (SURE, EVI)

Writing gifts: You’re to blame for this. Scarlett over here was incredibly fantabulous and got me a ginormous box of writing stuff and assorted goodies (including Pop Tarts and Chicken in a Biskit crackers, two contraband items at my house) so I’m planning for her birthday next year. THERE’S SOME CRAZY COOL STUFF OUT THERE. I’ll do a post on it sometime. 😛

Of Monsters and Men: Through the woods we prowl (deep into the mountain sound) 

Mumford & Sons: Weep, little lion man, you’re not as brave as you were at the start.

My Chemical Romance: Famous Last Words *nods*.

Harry Potter: ASDFGHJKL it’s impossible not to obsess over Harry Potter. I mean, c’mon, it’s always a favorite.

Percy Jackson: It was a big bathtub.


Redwall: Why does no one read this? WHYYYYYY? I am that is.

Big Hero 6: I am satisfied with my care.

Kermit: I only have two stuffed animals…


My turn fially. It is nice to see you again. I was gone for awhile while Evi was typing frantically about her fandoms, as she refers to them as. She claims, “there is a reference in a bunch of those.” Well, I better go before I scare off all of your followers. *creepy little wave* It was nice to meet you Maybe we can meet again…

AH NO IT’S OVER? Darn it. Though there is a reference in all of my reasons except for the Kermit, Viria, and the writing gifts one. Bonus points if you get all of them (and a blue cookie). Here’s a free one: (::) Byses! Sorry if that made no sense! It was extremely goofy and fun though! Say bye Scarlett!

Bye bye!


Cordially yours,

Evi (and Scarlett)

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