On Canons and Headcanons

I just had to reblog this. Thank you so much, Lollipops and Rainbows, for speaking the truth.

Lollipops and rainbows

So a while ago, I got a comment on one of my Harry Potter metaposts basically questioning why I bothered to write meta at all, since actual HP canon couldn’t be changed because Rowling had already written it, and questioning why I thus bothered to point out flaws in her writing because it wasn’t going to change for anyone. Here’s the actual comment below.

Here’s the thing… I see a lot of people commenting on various characters as if they were real, living people (how would Neville have turned out if Snape hadn’t abused him, etc.) Neville couldn’t have turned out any different, nor could Snape or anyone in any book ever, because that’s the way they were written. The author (in this case, J.K. Rowling) wrote each character in a particular way for a certain effect, and to fulfill a certain role and purpose in the story she was telling…

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