Doctor Who: TARDIS tutorial

A while ago, I made a TARDIS.

img 28 I decided to document every single bit of it, in case I wanted to make a tutorial and put it on here. Well, I kind of forgot, and for Christmas I got a new camera so I had to take all my pictures off of my old one. In doing that, I rediscovered this. 🙂 So I’ve finally put this tutorial together on how to make a TARDIS.



Ink Printer

TARDIS Template

TARDIS interior

Liquid Glue (i.e. Elmer’s)

Glue Stick

Clear thin tape

TARDIS blue paint, or a light and dark blue paint to mix together

Paint brush

Water and paper towels (for the painting)


Start out by cutting out the template with the actual outside of the TARDIS on it.

img 1

img 2

img 3

Next, trace the template on to your piece of cardboard. Make sure it fits!

img 4

Cut it out. Notice how on the right-most side in the below picture, it doesn’t have flaps. Neither do the top and bottom sides. You don’t need them. BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT OFF THE FLAPS ON THE LEFTMOST TARDIS SIDE’S SIDE!!!!

img 5

I mixed Reeve’s Pthalo Blue and Blue lake together to get a TARDIS-y color.

img 6 img 7

Paint the outside completely (the inside will be covered up, and let dry completely.

img 12

Next, after the cardboard is dry, trace it onto the printed-out picture of the TARDIS interior.

img 8 img 9

Cut it out, and cut off the same flaps the cardboard is missing: the top, bottom, and, in the below pic, the left most flaps. BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT OFF THE FLAPS ON THE LEFTMOST TARDIS SIDE’S SIDE!!!!

img 10

Glue it onto the inside of the TARDIS- NOT the painted side!

img 11

Next, cut off all of the side flaps.

img 13 img 14

Then, cut each of the faces apart on the dotted lines. DO NOT DISCARD THE TOP AND BOTTOM PIECES.

img 15 img 16

Next, line it up as shown below, and glue on. I’d use liquid glue, because I used a glue stick and it began to peel off. Then, glue the actual TARDIS together. If you cut off the side tabs- the ones going vertically- you’ll have a TARDIS with a door that opens. However, if you don’t want that, leave the vertical side tabs on.

img 17 img 18

Next, take the top piece and cut it so that there is a little space in between each of the “edges”. Sorry if that doesn’t make much sense, I’m not exactly sure how to word it otherwise, but look at the pictures for clarification. The goal is to make it three dimensional.

img 19

Flip it over, and tape it together.

img 20 img 21

Do you see what I mean? Now, do you remember that little light part of the TARDIS that was on the original template? I hope you didn’t throw it away. This part is a bit more difficult- tape, glue, do whatever you can to form that little light. I cut really thin strips of tape and stuck it together. Then I used Elmer’s glue and stuck it on to the top of the 3-D TARDIS top.
img 22 img 23

At this point, you glue the light and the top on top of the TARDIS and you can be done. If you want to cut out a little base like the TARDIS has, you can do that, paint it, and glue it on to the bottom. I completely forgot to do that, though. 🙂

img 24

Now you have your finished TARDIS! Go fly away through space with it! And make sure to print up this paper doll of the Doctor for them to have adventures together.

img 25 img 27

Are you going to try to make a TARDIS? Let me know! How would you like it if I did craftsy-artsy stuff more often?


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who: TARDIS tutorial

    1. ASDFGHJKL WordPress appears to have never notified me of your comments. *tear* Thank you! Doctor Who is awesome, I’d definitely recommend it if you like sci-fi and madmen with blue boxes. 😀 Haha, probably, the super big one?


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