2015 Blog Goals

Hi, everybody! As it is now officially 2015 in all corners of the world, Happy New Year!

2014 was the year I started blogging- you can read my first post ever here. I’m so glad I started, too! The book blogging community I’ve discovered is amazing. So many great people. Hugs to all of you! So without further ado, here are my blogging goals for 2015!

1. Schedule more posts, and post more often. Lately I feel I’ve been great about doing that, but we’re also on break, and once school starts back up again, it’ll be all helter-skelter. I want to improve that!

2. Reach 100 followers! I’m at 92 right now I believe, only 8 more to go! I expect this will be done shortly as I’m so close.

3. Reach 200 followers. This one is kinda ambitious, but I think that if I reach 100 followers in the next month, I might be able to make it to 200 by next December (gods that’s scary!).

4. If I reach 200 followers, I want to consider going self-hosted. Chloe gave me the idea when she mentioned a site that does the whole process for you, for $10 a month. Except I don’t know what my url would be. I don’t know if I’d actually go self hosted, but I want to consider it if I make it that far.

5. DO MORE BOOK REVIEWS. You guys know I am definitely lagging on book reviews, so I want to do many more this year.

6. Celebrate my blogoversary! I don’t think that counts as a goal but who cares. I want to do something cool for it, I just don’t know what yet. 🙂

7. Bring back Song of the Day. I did this for a while, but I actually want to get back into the habit of posting a song each day.

And these are my 2015 blogging goals! What are yours?


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