Writing Wishlist


Kara @ Diary of a Teen Writer started this in her writing wishlist post, and from there on many others have copied- and I’m going to do the same! It seems like a fun idea.

Here are all the things I someday want to write about, also known as plot bunnies (cute and mischievious little beings but dastardly when you’re working on a novel)

1. A book about vampires*.

A) because I read The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, and B) because just vampires. They’re so cool. And evil. And cool. And blood-sucking. And did I say cool?

*And real, creepy, pretty vampires. Not Edward Cullen lame Twilight vampires.

2. A YA contemporary romance.

Because AHH THE FLUFF. I want to write a book like that but don’t really know how.

3. A fairytale retelling- specifically a Peter Pan retelling or something like that.

I think a Peter Pan retelling would be pretty cool (speaking of which, did anyone see the trailer for Pan, which is going to be about how the Lost Boys and Peter Pan came to be? I’m so excited!)

Also, a retelling of some obscure, crazy fairytale most people don’t know- or one that simply doesn’t have retellings.

4. A really, really long book that’s really, really powerful.

Probably not going to happen (’cause the stupid plot bunnies would drag me away) but a girl can dream, right?

5. A book about Fae.

Just because that would be SO COOL. Fairy people, in general, are really cool. A novel, I guess, where people and Fae live together, but while officials do business and all that, the fairies and the humans don’t really mix. It just seems like an interesting concept to me.

6. I’m going to copy Sophia and say a modern day Arthurian tale.

She described it like this:

King Arthur is a college kid, and his round table is his gang. I don’t know where I would go with this, but it would be fun writing the characters!

And I was like WHOA. That is such a cool idea and now I want to try writing it. 🙂

7. I’m copying again- Robyn Hoode came up with an idea for a book where everyone ends up dead.

Just because. It would probably have no point, but that would be interesting to write.

8. A picture book about woodland creatures and Christmas. Or about Christmas ornaments.

Don’t ask.


8 thoughts on “Writing Wishlist

  1. Steal away! I also like Robyn’s idea. KILL EVERYONE!

    And darn it, I forgot to add Fae to my list. Phooey. That faery plot bunny is flitting around in my mind too.


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