Music Medley: The Holiday Edition!

music medley

Music Medley is an original feature I created here at Where Books Never End. It is all about sharing what music is on your mind currently, be it compositions, soundtracks, or songs. Head over here to find more info and link up!

So I’m here for a holiday edition of Music Medley! This’ll feature some fun holiday pieces, and some classics done by amazing people!

What’s On My Mind:

Sleigh Ride by fun.

Awesome song? Done by awesome band? Count me in! I love this song!

Carol of the Bells by Barlowgirl

This is a really pretty rendition of Carol of the Bells! I loves it!

Let It Go feat. One Voice Childrens Choir by Alex Boye’

…Because we all know Let It Go counts as a holiday song, right? Right?

Seriously, though, I’m in love with this version. The One Voice Childrens Choir+Alex Boye’ (who does really cool Africanized songs-check out his album!)=perfection!

Veulie by Christophe Beck

THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SONG! Again, it’s wintery, and therefore it counts. 🙂

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? by The Head and The Heart

Love this song! So catchy!

And these are just some other songs I’m currently obsessed with…

The Apology Song by La Santa Cecilia

I only recently saw this movie, and it is amazing. Go watch it now if you haven’t yet. 😛

I Will Wait by Diego Luna

Again, from The Book of Life. I loved hearing them sing this!

And that’s all for now!


7 thoughts on “Music Medley: The Holiday Edition!

  1. Yes Let It Go is totally a holiday song xD I really love the version you shared! That girl has serious talent :O


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