Song(s) of the Day

Hi, everyone! The Character Interview is up! Finally! So I thought I’d do a quick SotD. And, because I can, there’s gonna be two. No arguments. πŸ™‚

Hall of Fame by The Script

My best friend introduced me to this song recently, and I love it. A lot.

Shooting Star by Owl City

I love Owl City. So I probably should get more of their music. But I like this song especially.

What songs are on your mind lately? And don’t forget to check out signature!


11 thoughts on “Song(s) of the Day

  1. Heyyyyy my musical theatre class does SOTD too! (Except it’s only songs from musicals and we teach them to the class!) I LOVE Hall of Fame – I’m not really a fan of Owl City, but I’m so glad you like them. ❀


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