Woop Woop! 50 followers!


I officially have 50 followers! And this blog was only started about 3 months ago! That’s amazing, people!

Special thanks to the following for being super awesome and supportive:

Isa13na @ A Doodler’s Freedom

Chloe @ As Free As A Girl With Wings

Rainbow Cakes and Rocky Road @ Rainbow Cakes and Rocky Road (that’s a mouthful! 🙂 )

My glorious Real Life bff raineadams @ Sempiternal Thoughts

Samantha @ Bookish Serendipity

The ever amazing, super awesome, crazy mindset of Scarlett (she knows who she is).

mikmob @ Mik Mob’s Music Mass for being the 50th follower

And finally, the alchemist @ atryump for being the 1st!

Thank you, my friends, for everything!



4 thoughts on “Woop Woop! 50 followers!

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