Harry Potter Gifs

So I googled “Harry Potter Gifs” and I just had to do a post on these. Some of them are just funny, some sirius (ha. You see what I did there?), and some just make you remember.

bro hugs
Harry and Ron were were amazing friends. Of course, nothing beats Harry and Hermione’s friendship, but they were just THE best buds.


every day i'm dumblin
This wasn’t actually in a movie, but I’m laughing so hard right now.
fleur and ron
Just look at Ron’s face.
harry and hermione dance
That scene in the seventh where they dance? They have the most amazing friendship throughout the entire series. Always there for each other, never romantic but supportive.
harry and hermione
Read the one before this, please.
harry blows up fire
I think you might need a little more work on that wand, Harry.
harry gets his wand
We will never, ever forget this moment.
harry goes chaking
I don’t remember what movie this is but OHMYGOSH HARRY YOU LOOK HILARIOUS.
harry the train
This was in the third. Harry the train *sighs*.
hermione and ron
Honestly, they do make an adorable couple.
hermione blasts
Because Hermione does not sit and have the men fight for her.
hermione drags harry
Do you see her face? DO YOU SEE HER FACE? 😛
it's leviosa
You tell him, Hermione, you tell him.
snape whacks ron
Snape is all, “Shut up,”, Ron is all, “Ow!”, and the Patils are just giggling in the corner.
the golden trio
They don’t change.
the lovegoods
We all just love the Lovegoods.
they run
This was so cool!
they smile
You guys have the weirdest smiles.
Ginny I would definitely want by my side in a fight.
Ginny I would definitely want by my side in a fight.



4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Gifs

  1. Just the whole friendship of the Golden Trio was beautiful.
    That one with Harry making the pincers with his fingers was from Half Blood Prince, where he’s at Aragog’s funeral. He’s talking about the pincers, and it’s a hilarious moment. 😀
    Oh, these GIFs made me want to laugh and cry. 🙂


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