The Big Book Box

I think every writer has something they store their papers with ideas, scraps of notebook paper with conversations on them, resources, observations, and other things. Some have helpful things like folders or binders (my best friend has two). Me? I have the Big Book Box.

Say hello to the nice people, Big Book Box.

Yes, it is a fake book. The inside is hollow and you will find a very large assortment of conversations and ideas and books on writing and drawings (it holds everything) and poems and short stories and epic names and lists of songs for books and song lyrics (not mine, of course) and random conversations between me and my best friend about writing (yes, we wrote them down).

My sister and mother would probably turn away in horror at its unorganized-ness (I’m the messy one in the family) but to me it’s writing paradise. Bored? Pull out a piece of paper. “Hey, I remember that story!” “Oooh, this is a good idea.” “Oh my gosh, no *chucks paper in trash can,  relents, and pulls it back out again*”.

throws papers everywher

I find it to be a very nice haven for the papers too. It’s quite roomy in there, and I like to think it gives them space to stretch, mingle, chat with the others. It’s got to be quite fun. (I would find it paradise.)


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