Basing Characters off People

I tend to like to do this. For example, a lot of my main characters tend to be based off of me, which I really need to stop doing. No more nerdy, glasses-wearing, dark haired bibliophiles. 😉

Anyway…there are pros and cons to doing this. One pro is: Granted you know them well enough) You’d be able to figure out how’d he or she would respond to a certain situation, place, etc.

Yeah. That’s sort of cool.


There are cons to this as well. If it’s someone specific and you have a certain situation and you just HAVE to know EXACTLY how they’d respond, you might want to ask.

Well that would be embarrassing.

For example: Ari, in the excerpt from a story I posted a few days ago, is pretty much entirely based off a guy I know.

And since it’s pretty much a romance story…and I don’t know this guy that well…if I were to ask him about something specific relating to the story such as, “Tell me, how exactly would you ask a girl to go on vacation with you?” I would probably get this.

And I’d probably be a mix of this:

And this:

Yeah. Major embarrassment, much?

But otherwise.

Basing characters off of real people is really nice. It gives you:

-a realistic person that people can ACTUALLY RELATE TO

-an easier way to create and develop their character

-a nice way to semi-stalk people (actually, no, don’t do that. Just “observe”. No stalking.)

-A REALISTIC PERSONALITLY. Did I already mention this?

-You’d know how they’d respond if, say, a magical fire-breathing dragon attacked your school! (Could come in handy.)

And other things.





3 thoughts on “Basing Characters off People

  1. LOL Too funny. I often do this, hoping no one will make the connection that I have pulled from their essence. But that is the strange craft that be writing…However I often wonder how to get past that beginning-of-a-book disclaimer notice about the content NOT being based on a real person…I mean, come on, REALLY? Don’t they know writers at all?

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    1. Hahaha! Yeah, unless it’s totally obvious that it’s not based off anyone, there’s going to be someone out there with a personality like that- whether it’s based off of them or not.


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