Song of the Day (and other stuff)

Heyo! Sorry not to have posted for a day or two, been sorta busy. It is summer, after all. Vacation time and all that fun stuff. 🙂

Song: Kingdom Dance from the movie Tangled.

I just love this music so much. I had a ITunes shopping spree the other day, so yay for Tangled music! I think I might start doing something for when I do go on Itune sprees…


Erm…I was thinking about changing the name (don’t worry, just the name!) of this blog. When I made it, it was mainly supposed to be focused of reading, writing, music, and fandoms, but my name and things doesn’t really convey that. And besides…I don’t actually know if my use of the word “effloresce” is correct in my title… 😉

The only problem is that I’m not entirely sure what to name it. *sighs* that always seems to be my problem. I may post some ideas not tomorrow, but the day after.



4 thoughts on “Song of the Day (and other stuff)

  1. If you need help coming up with names, let me know! I have a whole bunch of bookish/ writingish blog name ideas. Feel free to message me through Goodreads or reply to this comment


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