I love you, muse.

I’m very very happy! My writer’s block has vanished! I’ve started working on a new story! It’s realistic. Loosely based off life and people I know. People are right when they say ‘write about what you know’, it’s easy that way.

Does anybody else’s character’s talk to them in their heads? Mine do. Or rather, I imagine their response or what they would say/do to a certain situation, be it in their book or real life.

Almost all my main characters are based off me…I probably should stop doing that. So basically, they’re all nerdy, bibliophiles, writers, and artists. With some variation mixed in there. Especially if it’s fantasy…I can’t catch fire or make it snow. 😉 Though that would be very cool. Real-life Elsa.

Random tip: If you’re ever feeling a little grumpy, imagine Frank as a squirrel. Always makes me laugh.


3 thoughts on “I love you, muse.

  1. Hehe, that calls for a happy dance!

    I always find myself comparing me to characters, or having convos too! Like if I see a cockroach and open my mouth to scream, for a split second I think…Hey. If Katniss could deal with deaths, and Harry could battle Voldemort, what am I doing with my life? 😀
    I imagine Frank as an iguana. That always has me cracking up xD
    Oh, and you have a new minion!


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