Rambles, Videos, PJO, and..that’s really it.

Because I’m the crazy Nico di Angelo fangirl that I am, I was googling Nico, which led me to the amazing artist Viria’s deviantART (if you haven’t heard of her, go check her out. Seriously. Right here.), which led me to these drawing things she did to the songs Nothing Left to Say by Imagine Dragons, C’mon by Panic! at the Disco, and How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20, which led me to these amazing amazing videos people did, combining her art with the music. Totally amazing.

And this is just what someone else created to her work, she didn’t specifically draw for it.

Really amazing videos.



7 thoughts on “Rambles, Videos, PJO, and..that’s really it.

  1. OH MY GOSH I LOVE VIRIA’S ART MUSIC THINGS! I can’t really explain. My favorite is the C’mon, it brought tears to my eyes, almost, when I first heard it.
    Are you excited for the Blood of Olympus? I find it very interesting, that (KIND OF SPOILER FOR ANYONE ELSE READING THIS) nobody major has died yet. 4 months to go…


    1. I KNOW RIGHT? hehe. My fave is C’mon too, so sad and sweet and the guy from fun does a great job. I find How Far We’ve Come to be pretty powerful too. *sighs* music just does that to you.
      Very, very excited for BoO! WHY MUST WE WAIT, RICK, WHY? Yeah. We’re probably all gonna be sobbing during Blood of Olympus ’cause everyones gonna die. Well…I just hope Percabeth doesn’t die. Or Nico, even if I think he will. PLEASE DON’T KILL NICO, RICK! PLEASE!


      1. Yes, How Far We’ve Come is Powerful too, it really show the growth in the characters.
        I know right, I really hope Percabeth doesn’t die. If Nico died… I’d feel sorry for him, because he can’t forget his life, being son of Hades and all.
        I just want to know is Leo finds Calypso, or maybe dies trying?
        R-squared is going to try and make us cry for days, I can just feel it.


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