Random Post #B

So, I’m getting a sleeve for my tablet! Finally! Yay!

And because I’m a random fangirl like that and TOTORO IS SO CUTE, this is what I’m getting.


Heeheehee. There will be people out there who are like, ummm….okay? And people who will be like, awwww it’s adorable (still having no clue to what it is) and then there will be people who will be like OHMIGOSH I LOVE HIM TOO!

Yeah. Ignore this is if you want, this is for the other Totoro fans. My Neighbor Totoro is the movie btw.

More random Totoro stuff.

They’ve got bracelets (ETSY RULES!) Totoro With Friends Charm Bracelet and earrings…Cute Totoro earring - GRAY

And these:





So yeah. Welcome to me.



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