I’m Back!

Hi, everyone! I’m back! Sorry about before, with the blog being blocked and stuff. I maybe sort of got in trouble. And was grounded for two weeks. Bottom line: don’t start a blog without your parents knowing. You get in lots of trouble. Though surprisingly, they were okay with me continuing the blog. I know, I know. And I’m really sorry I did it.

But I’m back! And I’ve read lots of books! I shall try to make up for my absence by lots of book reviews, including Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. That was a feels book. I’ll try to post more writing, book, my writing stuff. And I’m deleting my rants *sheepishly grins*. Sorry about those.

Sorry again! You will be rewarded!


PS: Anyone have any ideas for a blog name for a blog about gardening and cooking? It’s not for me.

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