MCR: What have I been missing?

Okay. So, one of my bffs, the glorious raineadams, is obsessed with punk and heavy metal music. Such as My Chemical Romance. (I thought she was psycho ’cause she has shirts with her bands on them and I thought they were creepy and I listened to Pierce the Veil once..*shivers*). So, I just was like, okay then, she’s babbling again, I’m gonna go read my book.

And then last night, I was trying to upload more songs to my Ipod and I see this folder under our Music folder that says “My Chemical Romance”.

My dad was up there too, and I say, “Dad, you like My Chemical Romance?”

and he’s like “Yeah…”

“My friend’s obsessed with that band. Along with heavy metal.”

“Well, heavy metal sucks and is useless to the world. This is good though.” I’m serious. He said that.

“Uhhh….okay. I’ll tell her you said so. Can I have The Black Parade? [I’d read the lyrics too Welcome to the Black Parade on an amazing PJO/HoO fanfiction here, so I’d heard of it.]”


So I got the Black Parade. And by then it was like 10:30, way past my [overly strict] bedtime. So, I’m about to unplug my Ipod from our desktop, and I’m like, “Dad…Why is there a band called The Clash on here?”

“It’s the original punk music band. If your friendconsiders herself an punk/heavy metal person and she hasn’t heard of the Clash or the Sex Pistols, the she’s a [makes L on forehead] loser.”

“Ummm…okay Dad. Wow. The Sex Pistols?”

“Yeah! They’re great! One of the originals!”

“Ermmmm…..okay then.”

Then we had a 20 minute talk about ‘the origin of punk music and heavy metal’ and I’m just thinking, “Dad, I really need to go to bed now.” It was interesting. I had no clue my Dad liked punk music and thought heavy metal sucked and liked a band called the Sex Pistols. Different night, definitely.

So then I listened to Welcome to the Black Parade and The End by MCR.


My reaction exactly. I was just like, WHOA. This is actually REALLY GOOD! And then I was uploading more today, and I find out he has 14 albums of them:

The Black Parade

The Black Parade Is Dead

Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Famous Last Words [Single]

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

Kerrang!: Class of 2006

Life on the Murder Scene

Live and Rare [EP]

A Piano Tribute

Thank You For the Venom

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Under Pressure

The Watchmen Soundtrack

Welcome to the Black Parade [Single]

I know some of these aren’t actually albums, but still. Wow. So now I’m gonna have an MCR marathon.

And all day, me and my friend were singing the beginning.


And some gifs to celebrate:

tumblr_lnlwhcZGwc1qm2iuho1_500 tumblr_magitgPs2U1rti8xbo1_r1_400 tumblr_mk3ixxw47p1qzgj88o1_500



6 thoughts on “MCR: What have I been missing?

  1. Oh god, I remember when I first listened to MCR, too. Nostalgia. Your dad seems pretty rad though! Do you have a favorite album?


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