Another random Hunger Games thought

This is from the same friend who told me the HoH thing. I have no clue what goes on in her head, and this is so obviously not true, but it’s funny.

Her: “So what if Haymitch is actually Katniss’ dad and during the mining explosion he didn’t die, he just got banged up a lot and lost his memory, so he doesn’t remember her, or anyone, and due to post-tramautic stress Katniss and her mom and Prim don’t really remember what he looks like (this can actually happen) and he calls her ‘Sweetheart’ because he knows deep down inside that she’s his daughter.” (longest run-on sentence ever!)


Me: I thought he called Peeta ‘Sweetheart’ too…and Effie I think.

Her: Oh shut up.

haymitch approves



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